Mental Health in America

According to the 2023 State of Mental Health in America report, in the United States, there are 350 individuals for every one mental health provider.

In 2022, 50 million Americans (21%) experienced a mental illness—more than 12 million adults reported “serious” suicidal thoughts, and nearly 3 million youth experienced severe major depression. Yet, more than 28 million adults with mental illness (55%) received no treatment: about 10 million of them couldn’t afford treatment, and 23% of those who were mentally unhealthy half of the time (at least 14 days per month) couldn’t afford to see a doctor.

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Verywellmind is a resource for reliable, compassionate, and current information on mental health topics. With thousands of curated articles, the platform helps readers to explore mental health and psychology topics in a way that’s approachable, personal, and stigma-free.

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Africa Brooke

Consultant, mentor, speaker, and writer specializing in personal and professional challenges related to self-development and self-sabotage. Brooke’s work embraces the complexity, mess, and glory of the human experience and she makes a case for why we need to accept discomfort as an essential part of the personal growth process.

Brooke’s approach “honors all aspects of the human experience—with a focus on embracing intellectual diversity, making room for difficult conversations, leading with curiosity, cultivating a growth mindset (using evidence-based methods), developing behavioral flexibility,” and more.

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Psych2Go empowers people to seek professional help by validating the challenges we all go through. Built around mental health and psychology animations, the platform aims to decrease the stigma associated with mental health through relatable content that serves as a starting point for self-advocacy.

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MedCircle educates people who live with mental illness so they can take control of their own mental health. The platform features interviews with psychiatrists and psychologists, offering insights into diagnoses and the processes doctors use to diagnose, as well as treatment options, the risks and benefits each doctor considers, and how they prescribe a treatment, therapy and/or medication.

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Andrew Huberman

Dr. Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist and professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology, and the host of the Huberman Lab podcast where he discusses neuroscience and science-based tools, including how our brain and body work together to control our perceptions, behaviors, and health.

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