M4.1 Active Listening

This module is part of the Mindful Workplace Project Curriculum. The project aims to educate, connect, and support professionals on their journey through meaningful work. The curriculum is currently in development.


Active Listening is a skill that builds on our basic ability to listen. It’s more than just hearing what people are saying—we’re also interested in why they’re saying it. And when we engage in Active Listening, we’re making an effort to understand the meaning and intent behind not only a person’s words, but also their body language—a range of nonverbal signals that communicate a person’s feelings and intentions. Used effectively, Active Listening techniques can improve workplace performance by reducing stress, boosting confidence, and building empathy.

This module will explain how poor listening skills and barriers to effective listening affect employee performance levels, emotional wellbeing, and organizational culture more broadly. Everyone from C-suite to managers to team leaders to junior staff can improve the quality and value of their communication by learning this critical skill, as well as take steps to prepare for misalignment when others lag behind.


Planned, post-assessment phase I

  • Learner profiles & participant manual
  • Active listening & cultural competency brief
  • The science behind active listening
  • Connecting active listening to CPTSD & career trauma

Planned, post-assessment phase II

  • Facilitator guide
  • Workshop outline
  • Reading exercises
  • Expert-focused content

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